About Us

Set in the corporate hub off Victoria street and surrounded by major Kiwi companies such as NZME, Spark, 2 Degrees, Meredith Connell, BDO and several others. Its fair to say we have had plenty of learning over the years, and working closely with such clients has helped shape the catering business we have today. We have been at 5 Graham street, Auckland CBD since 2016. 

Situated inside a large historic building, our artisan bakery operates around the clock producing some of the most delicious baked treats.

Serving predominantly the corporate clientele we operate Monday to Friday only. Our large central kitchen is used not only for catering purposes however, as we also supply cabinet food and fresh breads to several upmarket cafes throughout Central Auckland. So if you have just opened a new cafe with minimal space for a kitchen, get in touch with us to setup a wholesale supply partnership.

Our kitchen team consists of leaders with significant experience and skill set, who are passionate about producing a special culinary experience for our customers. The management and kitchen teams works closely to review every catering inquiry, and often build bespoke menus to customer requirements.

Why should I choose Scratch Bakers as my catering supplier for corporate events?

We excel in serving to the corporate world, as that has been our core clientele due to our convenient Auckland CBD location. Along with being a bakery, multi cafe operation and wholesale baked goods supplier unlike most other catering companies, we have the benefit of producing food that is fresh and unique, due to our several supply streams. 

As suggested by our name we make everything from Scratch, whether that be the sourdough bread that goes into our sandwiches, to the pastry shells that get used for our tarts and mini doughnuts that we serve fresh to our wholesale cafes as well. Our freshness and team strength is second to none.

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