Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Scratch Bakers uses Flex Catering software to process customer orders and credit card payments. They are a subsidary of Leading Edge Web. Below are their privacy policies, which also apply to us:


  • Leading Edge Web uses appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect Customer’s data and all data processed in the Software. The software provides high levels of security by keeping the server updated with the latest security features and updates, SSL connection (https), password encryption, firewalls, among other technical and organisational measures such as secure storage of hardware at the offices.


  • Credit card details are not stored in the Flex Catering databases. Flex Catering passes the credit card to the customers’ selected merchant/gateway facility via a secure API connection.


  • Flex Catering software provides user permission access with the ability to determine the permissions privileges of your employees. All Administrator logins get logged and tracked for security and auditing purposes.


  • Flex Catering staff members processing data are subject to a duty of confidence and agree to keep confidential all your data during and after termination of employment. When using outside parties to process data Flex Catering will ensure that they offer the appropriate level of security and data protection.


  • If we become aware of any data breach relating to any data in your Flex Catering installation, we will inform you immediately and vice-versa. Flex Catering will then co-operate with you to take reasonable steps to assist in the investigation, remediation and mitigation of the data breach.


  • Both parties agrees to comply by request with country specific laws and regulations in connection with the use of the other party’s data, including personal data protection and privacy laws and regulations.