Mini Gourmet Croissants
Romesco & roasted eggplant filled croissant for corporate catering | Auckland
Champagne ham & cheese croissant for corporate catering | Auckland
Mini gourmet croissants & breakfast sliders for corporate catering | Auckland

Mini Gourmet Croissants


Corporate Catering for Morning or Afternoon Tea Events


Need the balance of a filling yet light option, then our mini filled croissants are the way to go. Our croissants are delicious and fresh as we make our own croissant pastry in-house. Paired with fillings that are indulging and upmarket, you are sure to impress your office teams with a mixed platter of flavours.

Choose from the below flavours, or simply select 'Assortment' for a mixed platter:
- Champagne Ham & Cheese
- Romesco, roasted eggplant, provolone & basil (V)

Pair our yummy petite house croissants with an assortment of mini doughnuts or sweet tarts, and Fruit for an balanced catering selection.

For morning tea quantity selection guidance, we suggest to cater anywhere between 3 to 4 items per person, with the selection including a range of sweet, savoury and fresh options.